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The Tien Shan Mountains as seen from Bishkek.
A view of the massive Tien Shan Mountains.
Another view of the imposing Tien Shan mountain range.
A river outside of Bishkek. Note the milky color as a result of glacial sediments.
A mare and foal in the hills around Bishkek.  The Kyrgyz are notoriously fond of horses.
Preparing to race at the Hippodrome in Bishkek. Colts - male baby horses usually under 18 months old - are used in these contests. Because these animals are too young to hold adults, they are raced by boys. Note that not only do they not have helmets, most do not have saddles.
The national game of Kyrgyzstan, Ulak Tartush, is a version of polo played with a headless goat. Note that some of the riders wear old Soviet tank helmets for head protection.
Statue of Aaly Tokombaev (1904-1988) in Bishkek. Tokombaev is probably Kyrgyzstan's most famous writer. He was not only a poet and novelist, but also a composer.
A typical Kyrgyz yurt, a portable, bent-wood framed shelter covered by layers of fabric, typically felt.
Close up of a yurt.
A goat herder on horseback with his dogs.
Inspecting an orchard.
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