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    Situated 1,670 km northeast of Sydney, Norfolk Island is an Australian Territory. It was permanently settled in 1856 by Pitcairn Islanders who were descendants of Tahitians and HMS Bounty mutineers. Image courtesy of NASA.
    The Norfolk Island pine is a species of conifer native to Norfolk Island. The tree is slow growing and in its natural habitat can reach 60 m (200 ft) with a straight trunk often measuring 3 m (10 ft) in diameter.  Found in the coastal regions of Norfolk Island, the trees tolerate soil that is sandy with high salt concentrations as well as high winds. Norfolk Island pines are used for timber though their wood is weak. However, the pines are in demand for use in woodturning, a decorative art that uses a lathe for carving wood.  Because Norfolk Island pines resemble Christmas trees, they are popular gifts and houseplant choices during the holiday season. Grown indoors, the trees remain small as opposed to their natural habitat height.