Unclassified Extracts from 1992 and earlier issues of Studies in Intelligence

Intelligence Today and Tomorrow

The Gulf War from Tel Aviv
Sheryl Robinson

Guarding Against Politicization
Robert M. Gates

The Need for Ethical Norms
Paul G. Ericson

Managing Covert Political Action

James A. Barry

Combatting Mind-Set
Jack Davis

Historical Perspectives

Dedicating the Berlin Wall Monument
Vernon A. Walters and Robert M. Gates

The DI 10 Years After Reorganization
David W. Overton

The San Cristobal Trapezoid
John T. Hughes with A. Denis Clift

Waging Economic Warfare From London
W. W. Rostow

The Vemork Action
Claus Helberg

The Kent-Kendall Debate of 1949
Jack Davis

America’s First Encrypted Cable
Ralph Weber

From the Archives

A Crucial Estimate Relived
By: Sherman Kent

The Lighter Side

Taking Arms Against a Sea of Enemies
David P. Fichter