CIA Labs

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Who We Are

CIA Labs is a chartered member of the Federal Laboratory Consortium that brings CIA officers together with the private sector and academia to research and develop science and technology solutions in support of CIA’s mission. Through this work, CIA officers have access to leading researchers and unique facilities providing novel ways to inform and address stimulating national security challenges as well as introducing expanded options for education, training, and workforce development opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

What We Do

CIA Labs conducts multidisciplinary research, development, testing, and engineering to address new challenges; adapt, improve, or accelerate the production of existing solutions; and solve persistent scientific and technological problems in new ways. Our research areas include:

  • advanced materials and manufacturing;
  • artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics;
  • bioscience and biotechnology;
  • distributed ledger/blockchain-enabled technologies;
  • virtual and augmented reality;
  • high performance and quantum computing;
  • future wireless and telecommunications technologies; and
  • robotic, autonomous, and human interface systems.

CIA Labs also promotes and enables scientific research initiatives by providing workforce development expertise in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, national security, and intelligence. Additionally, CIA Labs promotes and enables partnerships for development of technology. If you are interested in any of these opportunities or would like to learn more, please contact CIA online.

How You Can Participate

CIA Labs welcomes collaboration with other federal labs, academia, and industry. Please submit your ideas for partnerships and consortium research projects by contacting CIA online.

If inquiring about Cooperative Research and Development Arrangements (CRADAs) or other innovative partnerships, please include the following details in your submission:

  • Organization’s name and physical address
  • Principal Investigator contact details including name, phone number, and email.
  • A one to two paragraph description of the desired CRADA, partnership, or research and development effort – including the desired research topics and the potential benefits for each collaborator.


CIA Labs also offers mission-developed technology available for use in the public sector through licensing technology and intellectual property developed via CIA efforts in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, national security, and intelligence. If you are interested in learning about available licensing opportunities, please contact CIA online.