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Explore CIA Headquarters

Ever wish you could visit the CIA? Take the virtual tour for an inside look at our campus, galleries, memorials, secret statues, and more.

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About the George Bush Center for Intelligence

Our campus is more than just a place to work—it’s a physical space that represents CIA’s rich history and our commitment to the art of intelligence. Located in Langley, Virginia, CIA Headquarters includes the Original Headquarters Building, the New Headquarters Building, and the Grounds.

Since 1961, this secure campus has been considered “home” to thousands of dedicated women and men who work at CIA. In 1999, the compound was renamed the George Bush Center for Intelligence. The name honors President George H.W. Bush and his unique role in Agency history.

Today, you’ll find more than just offices here. CIA Headquarters features sites like the famous Kryptos sculpture, memorials, art and museum galleries, and so much more. For security reasons, we do not offer tours to the public. However, our virtual Headquarters tour gives you the ability to wander through our campus and explore its unique sites.