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Contact CIA

Employment Verification Office

Need to verify someone’s employment at the CIA? The Employment Verification Office handles such requests by fax and by mail.

Ways to Verify a CIA Employee’s Employment

Whether you are a mortgage company, creditor, or potential employer, you can submit your request by fax or by mail.

Please note CIA does not provide verbal responses or breakdown salaries such as overtime, bonuses, and awards. Also, CIA does not produce pay stubs with employer information attached.

Request by Fax

You can submit your request by fax at:

  • (703) 613-8165
  • (703) 613-8166

Please allow three to five business days for the Office to process requests sent by fax.

Request by Mail

If faxing is not an option, you can send your request to the following address:

Central Intelligence Agency
Attn: Employment Verification
Washington, D.C. 20505

Please allow 10 business days for the Office to process requests sent by mail. Requests received after 2 p.m. will go into the queue for the next business day.

What to Include in Your Request

To better serve you, please be as detailed as possible. If applicable, include the following information on the cover sheet of your request:

  • Scheduled closing date
  • Whether you are requesting a re-verification
  • If your policy as a lender requires multiple updates to your original verification request

If you are requesting a re-verification, be sure to inform your client to expect additional inquiries from the lender.