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Memorial Garden

About the Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden is located on a hillside between the Original Headquarters Building and the Auditorium. It is one of several memorials on the CIA compound (including the Office of Strategic Services Memorial and the CIA Memorial Wall). The garden is a memorial to all deceased intelligence officers and contractors who served their country.

Where some memorials are set in stone, this remembrance uses the quiet beauty of living nature to honor those who have died in service to their country: Agency officers, OSS members, and contractors. The garden is a blend of natural and landscaped plantings amid stone outcroppings from which a cascade of water continuously falls into a large fishpond, providing a tranquil and reflective place for Agency employees. The words, “In remembrance of those whose unheralded efforts served a grateful nation,” are cast in a brass plaque set in fieldstone to ensure the living will not forget the fallen.

A fish pond and waterfall surrounded by landscaped greenery and stone outcroppings.
Purple flowers growing next to the pond.
The reflection of the Original Headquarters Building in the water of the pond.