NHB Atrium

About the NHB Atrium

The four-story, glass-enclosed atrium of the New Headquarters Building allows Agency employees to enjoy the outdoors in good and bad weather. This area between the two towers is where pedestrian traffic between the Original and the New Headquarters Buildings converges, hence a perfect place for exhibiting varied displays of interest to CIA employees.

Suspended from the ceiling are reminders of intelligence history: three models of the U-2, A-12, and D-21 drone. These models are exact replicas at one-fifth scale of the real planes. All three had photographic capabilities. The U-2 was one of the first espionage planes developed by the CIA. The A-12 set unheralded flight records. The D-21 Drone was one of the first unmanned aircraft ever built. Lockheed Martin Corporation donated all three models to the CIA.