A-12 Spurs

Artifact Details

Metal frames that go around the heel of a boot with straps to keep the frames on the shoe.

Dr. Albert D. “Bud” Wheelon, the first Director of Science and Technology, received these “spurs” as mementos of his flight aboard the A-12 OXCART supersonic reconnaissance aircraft in 1964.

Strapped over one’s boot heels, each spur was attached to a ball. The ball was attached to a cable under the seat. The cable-ball rig allowed movement of one’s feet during normal flight. However, if the pilot had to pull the “D” ring (ejection handle) in an emergency, the cables would snap one’s feet back under the seat to insure a compact and safe ejection from the aircraft.

Artifact Specs

14 cm x  9.2 cm x 6.6 cm

(L x W x H)


Warning: This video below may contain flickering or flashing scenes.

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