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George Kisevalter Cufflinks

Artifact Details

A set of gold cufflinks each displaying a spartan helmet

For his legendary work at CIA, Kisevalter was later awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Medal.

CIA had two sets of cufflinks made for operations officer George Kisevalter to use as a recognition signal with CIA asset Maj. Petr Semenovich Popov, the Agency’s first major postwar Soviet source of positive intelligence information.  One set was kept at CIA Headquarters; the other sent to Popov.  Upon Kisevalter’s retirement, DCI Helms presented the Headquarters set (shown here) to Popov’s case officer, George Kisevalter.

Artifact Specs

1.9 cm x 1.5 x 1.5 cm

(L x W x H)


The Debrief: Behind the Artifact - Kisevalter's Cufflinks

Warning: This video below may contain flickering or flashing scenes.