Mine Probing Tool

Artifact Details

In December 2001, the US, Afghan allies, and coalition partners were successful in overthrowing the Taliban.

In December 2001 a team of CIA/DS&T officers used this tool to uncover a 2,400-pound Improvised Explosive Device (IED) buried in the dirt-covered roof of the governor’s palace at Kandahar – rendering it safe just minutes before it was set to detonate.

The fast moving actions of these technical experts saved the lives of many officials of the new Afghan government as well as US and Coalition forces. Within hours of this team’s arrival in Afghanistan, each of its members had earned the Intelligence Star – one of the CIA’s highest honors awarded for an act of courage performed under hazardous conditions subject to grave personal risk.

Artifact Specs

21cm x 4 cm x 1cm

(L x W x H)