One-Time Pads

Artifact Details

A one-time pad (OTP) is a crypto algorithm where text is combined with a random key. The key must be truly random, used only once, and remain unshared.

One-time pads (OTPs) are used to encode/decode agent communications. They are issued in matching sets of two:  one pad of sheets for the encoder and a matching pad for the decoder.  No two sets and no two sheets within a set are alike.  Each sheet contains a random key in the form of five-digit groups. Once a sheet has been used to encode a message, it is torn off the pad and destroyed.  Encryption by OTP is virtually unbreakable.

OTPs can be made of paper, silk, or highly flammable cellulose-nitrate film that can be destroyed quickly and easily in an emergency. They can be as small as a postage stamp.

Artifact Specs

10 cm x 6 cm

(L x W)