Australia-Oceania :: Ashmore and Cartier Islands
(territory of Australia)

Introduction ::Ashmore and Cartier Islands

    These uninhabited islands came under Australian authority in 1931; formal administration began two years later. Ashmore Reef supports a rich and diverse avian and marine habitat; in 1983, it became a National Nature Reserve. Cartier Island, a former bombing range, became a marine reserve in 2000.

Geography ::Ashmore and Cartier Islands

People and Society ::Ashmore and Cartier Islands

    no indigenous inhabitants
    note: Indonesian fishermen are allowed access to the lagoon and fresh water at Ashmore Reef's West Island; access to East and Middle Islands is by permit only

Government ::Ashmore and Cartier Islands

Transportation ::Ashmore and Cartier Islands

Military ::Ashmore and Cartier Islands

    defense is the responsibility of Australia; periodic visits by the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force

Transnational Issues ::Ashmore and Cartier Islands

    Australia has closed parts of the Ashmore and Cartier reserve to Indonesian traditional fishing; Indonesian groups challenge Australia's claim to Ashmore Reef