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(territory of the US)

Introduction ::Virgin Islands

    During the 17th century, the archipelago was divided into two territorial units, one English and the other Danish. Sugarcane, produced by African slave labor, drove the islands' economy during the 18th and early 19th centuries. In 1917, the US purchased the Danish portion, which had been in economic decline since the abolition of slavery in 1848.

Geography ::Virgin Islands

People and Society ::Virgin Islands

    noun: Virgin Islander(s) (US citizens)
    adjective: Virgin Islander
    black 76.2%, white 13.1%, Asian 1.1%, other 6.1%, mixed 3.5% (2000 census)
    English 74.7%, Spanish or Spanish Creole 16.8%, French or French Creole 6.6%, other 1.9% (2000 census)
    Protestant 59% (Baptist 42%, Episcopalian 17%), Roman Catholic 34%, other 7%
    104,737 (July 2013 est.)
    country comparison to the world: 193
    0-14 years: 18.2% (male 9,669/female 9,407)
    15-24 years: 10.6% (male 5,075/female 6,063)
    25-54 years: 39.3% (male 18,698/female 22,444)
    55-64 years: 14.1% (male 7,036/female 7,750)
    65 years and over: 17.8% (male 8,431/female 10,164) (2013 est.)
    total dependency ratio: 58.1 %
    youth dependency ratio: 32.7 %
    elderly dependency ratio: 25.3 %
    potential support ratio: 3.9 (2013)
    total: 43.5 years
    male: 43.7 years
    female: 43.3 years (2013 est.)
    -0.53% (2013 est.)
    country comparison to the world: 225
    10.69 births/1,000 population (2013 est.)
    country comparison to the world: 182
    7.95 deaths/1,000 population (2013 est.)
    country comparison to the world: 104
    -8.01 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2013 est.)
    country comparison to the world: 204
    urban population: 95% of total population (2010)
    rate of urbanization: -0.1% annual rate of change (2010-15 est.)
    CHARLOTTE AMALIE (capital) 54,000 (2009)
    at birth: 1.06 male(s)/female
    0-14 years: 1.03 male(s)/female
    15-24 years: 0.83 male(s)/female
    25-54 years: 0.84 male(s)/female
    55-64 years: 0.91 male(s)/female
    65 years and over: 0.83 male(s)/female
    total population: 0.88 male(s)/female (2013 est.)
    total: 6.94 deaths/1,000 live births
    country comparison to the world: 163
    male: 7.65 deaths/1,000 live births
    female: 6.17 deaths/1,000 live births (2013 est.)
    total population: 79.61 years
    country comparison to the world: 40
    male: 76.57 years
    female: 82.83 years (2013 est.)
    1.77 children born/woman (2013 est.)
    country comparison to the world: 160
    note: percent of women aged 18-44 (2002)
    definition: age 15 and over can read and write
    total population: 90-95% est.
    male: NA
    female: NA (2005 est.)

Government ::Virgin Islands

    conventional long form: United States Virgin Islands
    conventional short form: Virgin Islands
    former: Danish West Indies
    abbreviation: USVI
    organized, unincorporated territory of the US with policy relations between the Virgin Islands and the US under the jurisdiction of the Office of Insular Affairs, US Department of the Interior
    name: Charlotte Amalie
    geographic coordinates: 18 21 N, 64 56 W
    time difference: UTC-4 (1 hour ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
    none (territory of the US); there are no first-order administrative divisions as defined by the US Government, but there are three islands at the second order; Saint Croix, Saint John, Saint Thomas
    none (territory of the US)
    Transfer Day (from Denmark to the US), 31 March (1917)
    Revised Organic Act of 22 July 1954
    US common law
    18 years of age; universal; note - island residents are US citizens but do not vote in US presidential elections
    chief of state: President Barack H. OBAMA (since 20 January 2009); Vice President Joseph R. BIDEN (since 20 January 2009)
    head of government: Governor John DeJONGH (since 1 January 2007)
    cabinet: NA
    (For more information visit the World Leaders website Opens in New Window)
    elections: under the US Constitution, residents of unincorporated territories, such as the Virgin Islands, do not vote in elections for US president and vice president; however, they may vote in the Democratic and Republican presidential primary elections; governor and lieutenant governor elected on the same ticket by popular vote for four-year terms (eligible for a second term); election last held on 2 November 2010 (next to be held in November 2014)
    election results: John DeJONGH reelected governor; percent of vote - John DeJONGH 56.3%, Kenneth MAPP 43.6%
    unicameral Senate (15 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve two-year terms)
    elections: last held on 6 November 2012 (next to be held in November 2014)
    election results: percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - Democratic Party 10, ICM 2, independent 3
    note: the Virgin Islands elects one non-voting representative to the US House of Representatives; election last held 6 November 2012 (next to be held on November 2014)
    highest court(s): Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands (consists of the chief justice and 2 associate justices); note - court established by US Congress in 2004 and assumed appellate jurisdiction in 2007
    judge selection and term of office: justices appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Virgin Islands Senate; justices initially serve renewable 10-year terms; chief justice elected to position by peers for a 3-year term
    subordinate courts: Superior Court (renamed in 2004 vice the Territorial Court); US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (has appellate jurisdiction over the District Court of the Virgin Islands; it is a territorial court and is not associated with a US federal judicial district); District Court of the Virgin Islands
    Democratic Party [Arturo WATLINGTON]
    Independent Citizens' Movement or ICM [Usie RICHARDS]
    Republican Party [Gary SPRAUVE]
    none (territory of the US)
    none (territory of the US)
    white field with a modified US coat of arms in the center between the large blue initials V and I; the coat of arms shows a yellow eagle holding an olive branch in its right talon and three arrows in the left with a superimposed shield of seven red and six white vertical stripes below a blue panel; white is a symbol of purity, the letters stand for the Virgin Islands
    name: "Virgin Islands March"

    lyrics/music: multiple/Alton Augustus ADAMS, Sr.
    note: adopted 1963; serves as a local anthem; as a territory of the United States, "The Star-Spangled Banner" is official (see United States)

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