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December 31, 1983
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Peter Huhse apr 73 Effooto of awbon and oopper on mewnstio properties of iron und iron-ailicon aZZoys(2rwuiforwr 8heat matariaZ) 411 MEDICAL INSTkUCITORIS TkAINING MANUAL KUVSHINSKjYj U, LANGUAGE-kU C OUN I'l, Y-Uk UCIIL6NiK LIYA SANITRNYhH INSTkUKTORoV VLA~NIZDAI'j MGSCOW4 1973, 142-179, 194-Z27t 3 it ~b fC-hT-,-,-'.3-0t,62-74 Buzanov, A.A. The M-SO Marine Engine and the XZ-150 Compressor 186 pp LKMBNOYE POSGBIYE 14DTORISTA VMP DGIS/TRS No 403 11 Oct 73 Shapiro, N. I. An investigation of peptide charts of enterobactex- iaceae allergens in connection i-dth allergenic cros.- reactions. 7 P9s. - UCIMrYYE ZAPISKI. GORKOV, GDS. LMV. SERIYA BIOLOCTIYA, No 130, 19709 pp 26-':1. AIR-F7D-HT-23-7p-6-73 TR CHECK 3-b5-75 niiiii; PIAFE 2TRESSIM S TA M, N IMT~,RQOEMOVSA ANISOT-ROPIC P-P.DIA ~rr Cu. ~)p 'Ift 4i4l ",E-M 22 TR48 THEO DAN VAMM MM Mrs 1 A I lip ,.- T-4 D -f I o ~FjEj,"! L 1. 41- TR C! 4 T!M RX&L S R, G'C -0111 aip S A DY -N, L Vc. i I NO ZAKAWRDIN, I. A - MUEN, ZAPIS rAZAN% VETERIN INSTIT// --/--/19705 V0107, N---- Toxicity of organophosphorous compounds to warm blooded animals 13 pp pp 166-173 ARM/FSTC/HT-23-.337-74## I "'~ ~11. I ~L j J1.) FL I Imonov. L M. - 19?1 The age oompositlan of glolopS viciMM femles in ;uly In the plankton of the Goz*y reme"air (Vazrastnol castav Samok C_v*120 y1olnum v Iyu-'skom planktone Uorfko"Icogo lodoidwant UsN%a) U ~Ie Saplaki icastrom. gatud, PedR909- inatitut, !2: t')7-76- In Rua-mTin. Transl. for OLL, 9P., processed. Avail. ML as RTS 7674. Avail. or. boan - Wash., D.C. 0, igino; A. lide Ckle~.ke(N-f caodyncmico and hisat transfor (eeZeatad artioUe) 42 pp UCHOM ZAPTS&T. No. 357. SERIYA MATEWZOSSyja NAVKA 4-1667-72 -J--Vp 114-129 may 73 -fl- . . . -4 ~*-` Im, I .. --. 3- , r-.11 .-.,: A - j .: 9 1 : .1 24-Jul-73 Uncl (NRC-TT--1628) Adaptive characteristics in the development of the skin and its derivatives in several cetaceans. NARKHOV, A.S. Translated by Andrew malysheff (National Researnh Council of Canada, Ottawa) from Uch. Zap., Mosk. Gos. Pedagog. Inst.; 186: 95 110(1962). 21p. Dep. N713 (U.S. Sales Only) $3.25. 06 biomed; translations MN-48 NP 4SA The Structure and Chemical Composition of Compounds Formed on the Surface of Metals in the Presence of Complex-Forming Reagents, by N. G. Klyuchnikov, 8 pp. UCH. ZAP MOSK GOS PEDAGOG INST. 340 (1971)8 pp ?78-2 5, GB/DEFDRIC-Tr-3020-73 May 73 K PA VLc),Vfi LIC,-AEPlyy- f ZAPJsj~j Colv.'. VIBRP., I,,- PP - 5)'3-4 IYA, IJL V MT- OA arr Ari/eZL4~-tJ~' zvmq;~-74 U IN FUI W I Pfililgl;EV, YU.P. Ij:-(, i-APISI(I MOO'SCOW. NAIJC'HNt)- UCjfEjjyyE r i~"'SLI~DOVATELIISKIY INSTITUT GIGIYENY IM F. ii . "IMSMNA. SHUM, VIBRAq',':'IYA, ULTRP2-TUK Pp. HTI Lt - -o U I I IIWN KUBL(~NOVA~ P."-. "IF: U-%",jzlj:WYYL~ ZAPISKI Mo,"-)CO41. NAUC14NO- -TEDOVATELf,"KIY I.N."TI'lUT GIGIYENY IM I. j .1 1i. ERISMANA. SHUNI, VIBFAT~!"IYA, ULITRAZVUK, pp. -A Wl',11OWN X.AIU)h UROVA, YE. I. Ui-~': UCRP',NYYE rl(,APISKI INJOSCO`ii. NAUGHNO- 'T' ~ c'L E L C.~ DOVATELISKIY INSTITUT GIGITEMY IM P. IS'llUM, VIBRAT"IYA, UL?TRA2"V'UK, pp. j UNKNOWN .110NOMARIENKO, I. I. U R U C HE NYY -IT Z, A P ISK I MC 0 WN A U C I iN ISSLEDOVATELISKIY 'IWI:j'TI'IIIT GIGIYSNY IM F. 1~. ERISRANA. SHUM, VIBRATSIYA, ULITRAZVTJK, ~~6 8, pp. 1:16-3 031 llsbl;~ OF AAD VT 'tNrif 2 A PTIVATIJ UF -TA NO.* Bazzhin, A. P. The effect of real properties of air on paruneters of -Clow near an elliptic cone, Aerodynamfc - characteristics of elliptic cones at large angles of attack. 10 pgs. UCBMfM ZAPISKI 'ISAGI, Vol 1, -No 2, 1970, pp 46-52. AIR-FTD-23-708-73 Barinov,, V. A Three dimensional boundary layer in the vicinity of a critical line of a s-Upping 'Ang during nonunifom suction. JC, pp. UCHENYYE ZAPISKI TSAGI Vol. 3,.Nr. 1, 1972, pp. 23-29 AIR/FTD-HT-23-611-73 Barinov, V.,* Calculation of the laminar boundary layer on a slipping wing by the method of integral relationships. 9 pp. UCHENYYE, ZAPISKI TSAGI, Vol. 3 No. 5, 19'112. pp. 9-15 AIR/FTD-HT-23-612-73 TOLSTYKH. A. 1. . //UCHENYE ZAPISKI TZAGI// --/--/1972, V0003, nOO06 Amethod of numerical solation of the navier atokes-equations for a compressible gas' pp 78-87 NASA TT F 15992## GINZBURG. YA. L. //UCHENYE ZAPISKI TSAGI// 9 V00049 N0003 Experimental determination of the pressure recovery coefficients in conical diffusors at. la e subsonic velocities under various in.let pp 23-31 NASA TT r isggi## POTAPOYA. L. A. //UCHENNYE ZAPISKI TSAGI/1 --/,/1973, V00045 N0003 Interference of a sweptback win and the fubelage at transonic speeds pp 101-104 NASA TT F 15993## . Pit. --7t I of t V=M, WRM ZAPISO. pp ME-72-14560-02E Jan 73 Concentration and Temperature Studies of the R-Lines of Ruby, by V. A. Gevorkyan. UC31ENYE ZAP YEREVANSKIY GOSUDARSTVENNYI UNIV, Vol 104, 1967, pp 113-123. NAW/CLB-3 T-656 June 73 Ekymnt System f or Kolkhoz, Svvhhoz Construction brp~ed. 10 pp VCHU I FINANOY V XQWQZW I_SOVYHDZLE, Moscow, No 10, 1973, pp 35-41, ins 60715 RSFSR Hirdster of Edueatlcm Roporto cu 4'W%Uo Edwation, .5 pp. RMSIAN. np. UbbitalloMn GaigUt Moscovq 31 &r 19"t pp 1-2. JFRS 58966 FAY 7 3 Draft Fumdammtals of Now Legial -tA on on Public Mucation. 22 pp. RMSIM, np. MWOSSI!sUn &Ieta, Moscow, 5 Apr 1973 0 pp 1-2. im 58982 YAY 7 3 Chelpanov, 0. Poor Teaching of Russian in Armenian Schools. 7 PP UcHiTELISKAYA GAZETA, Moscow, 28 June 1973, P 3. JM 6 Shortcomings in School YAL1 Pr",,ram wA Mildren's Clothing Reported. 6 pp Tic9mlq UM, Moscow, 115 Avg 1973. P 1- HAS 60335 Chuprakova, L. Trade Union Action 'Urged in Wage VatterB. 5 pp UCHITa'SKAYA MMA, Moscow, 21 Aug 1973, p 2. JFFS 60354 Moaakhov, N. Evening Schools Go Over to Garteral Studien, 6 pp .UCHETILIS gA=, Moscow, 18 S*pt 1973, pp 2-3, JFM 60336 Prokoftyev, M. A. USSR Bducation Ydnister Prokoffyev Discusses Rural Schools. 5 pp UCEITELIS GAZETA, Moscow, 29 SePt 1973, P 2, JMS 60474 YArirkiCh t A. M- ubidmian Eaucation Minister Discuss" Rural Schools* 5 pp UcAmats"n GAZITA, Moscow, ;"I Nov 1973, pp 1-2o JPRS 60615 Study of Brezhnev Speech at World Peace Congress. 3 pp UCHITbLISKAYA GA W A. Hoscowq 13 wov 1973, p 3. JFRS 60765 Kondakov, Me I. Imparative Need for Improvemerrb of Rural Nuca- tion Streamed, 7 pp UCHITIVS19A GAZETA. NO-3COV, 2.9 Norv 1973, P 3- JFRS 60"9 Conference of Teaching Russian in National Sohools Hold. 5 pp UCHITELIUM CAZErA, Moscow, 8 Doe 1973, P 1. MRS 61218 shustov, A. Problems in Providing Teachers for Rural Schools. 5 pp UCMITELISKAYA GAZ , Moscow, 22 Mar 1974, p 3, JFRS 61692 Dvdlov, A. Conference on Conversion to Univerma Secondary Education Held. 3.1 pp UCBITM'SKATA GAZETA, Moscow, 21 Mar 1974, pp 1, 2. JRS 61793 Panchin, F. An-Union Certification of Teachers. 8 pp UCIOELISELU GAZETA, Hoscow, 25 June 749 pp 2-3. JPRS 62528 Kochemasov, V. I. Kochemasov Report on Wversal Secondary Education in RSFSR,, 9 pp UCIaTELISKLYL GAZETA, 140scow, 3 Aug 74, p 1. JFRS 62895 More on Upcoming Teacher Certification. 5 pp UCHITELISKAYA ;-,AZETA, Moscow, 22 oct 74, P 3. JPRS 63477 - JOAN= COOt SM/0515 V 32 S9PtluAw 1973 i"~ Jr., .~ ( MtLDok of 19T3 NVOOO Dwrelplumt Plan (Rwlsed) Tokyop Upbu ZalUtau lelkatup Mitombi,. 1973 ss" ty" D Do wt pwxuah Trumastar's dmft plus am ctw Dedic, Hiroslav Difficulties in Education of Gypsies 6 Explained, pp. UCITEWKE NOVINY, J-PO 59442 Prague.. No 21, 24 MaY 73., p 8. Jul 73 Hechtova, Marie Modifications In Education System Discussed, 9 T)P. UCITELSKE NOVINY, Prague, No 1, 3 Jan 74, PP 1, 90 JPRs 61454 Apr 74 T 7,00'~7 pp 000' -Described 7 PP Pm OIL Wernher Von Braun wams ... concepts project outgrowth. UFO NACHRICE7E, No 200., 30 ArRIFTD-RC-23-287-74 and advanced propulsion 6 pp. Apr 2073, p 1 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOVFT AGENCIES ONLY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION. OTHER REQUEST MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD. moray, Henry Short review of "Radiation enargy". 8 pp UFO - NACHRICHTM, No 200, Apr 2973, pp 2-2 ArRIFMHC-23-290-74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO V.S. GOVPT AGENCIFS ONLY. COPYRTGHT INFORMATION. OTHER REQUEST MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD. REQ TR CHECK 17-0,'~-73 T289 UNKNOWN HALIK, ERICH GY: UFO - NACHRICHTEI~, NO. 200, 1973, APRIL PP. 134-139 Dada.9 Idi Amin, Amin Tells Kampala Press Conference of His Mediation Efforts, 12 pp. UGANDA RADIOj 21 Jun, 1730 GMTP YM 594,89 Jul 73 7, oz t f 8 fteleft "a'" "~~ftm ftwomwe oftmftfte'sum ,-- - -- -- osi4~ -- Gas% too now* '""" fteswift Oft Lmqm a3% #7. " laftmwo sonaft op 34spik3a Tmhwftmb-~--- TM d"" IPSW4 ids pmeavolft plessaw H. M. Nielsen Seed Productioi. anew Jeed Production Research With Lucerne. Part 11. ED.OFFAIN., per, Ugeskrift f or 1, Vol 107., 1962, pp 656-669. NTC 72-13963-02D Nov 72