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Ask Molly: Spilling the "Tea" in SECRET

April 1, 2024

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Dear Molly

What's the biggest secret you know?

~ Curiosity Reigns

* * * * *

Dear Curiosity Reigns,

Oooh, great question! This is definitely the most juicy secret I know:

In 19XX, the CIA prepared a memo outlining the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Interestingly, the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx used their xxxxxxxxxx from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. It came as a shock, but xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx decided to xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx because xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. As you can imagine, the effects were greater than anyone could have predicted and included xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, despite xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx. And, believe it or not, the craziest part is xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! Shocking, right?! While the true impacts of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx are still being felt today, the message from CIA's Office of Public Affairs is clear: April Fools!

~ Molly Hale


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