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CIA Honors Its Fallen at Annual Memorial Ceremony

May 25, 2021


The Central Intelligence Agency today held its annual Memorial Ceremony to honor, remember, and celebrate the selfless and brave individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the nation.

During the ceremony, CIA dedicated four new stars on its Memorial Wall, each commemorating an exceptional American whose service must remain known only to a select few. CIA Director William J. Burns presented the families of these four heroes with a marble replica of their loved one’s star.

In his remarks paying tribute to the Agency’s fallen, Director Burns said, “At decisive moments, when our nation’s security was under threat, they stepped forward and put their lives on the line, knowing that few outside our walls would ever realize what they did. I know of no higher form of patriotism, no clearer expression of what it means to serve with dignity and honor.”

The Memorial Wall now has 137 stars.

The American flag and the CIA flag on either side of an inscription with 137 stars engraved.

This year marks the beginning of a somber chapter in the legacy of the Memorial Wall. The Agency carved new stars for the first time above the inscription.