CIA Launches New Hiring Portal

January 5, 2023

For Immediate Release: January 5, 2023

CIA Launches New Hiring Portal

This week the CIA launched MyLINK, a web-based system that will modernize and streamline the Agency’s hiring process and help CIA recruit talented US citizens to join the Agency’s foreign intelligence mission.

MyLINK is available on and allows prospective applicants to express interest in Agency employment by submitting their resumes online. Job-seekers will be able to indicate interest in up to four different occupations, and CIA recruiters will identify candidates with requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities. If an individual’s resume meets the CIA’s needs, a CIA recruiter will contact the candidate to discuss their interest in a position. Based on interactions with the candidate, the recruiter may invite them to submit a formal application for employment.

“The CIA is committed to recruiting a diverse workforce of the highest caliber talent, and it is my hope that changes in our application process will make CIA an even more attractive place for those who are interested in public service and specifically the unique opportunities offered by working at CIA,” said Director William J. Burns.

The recruitment changes make the Agency more competitive as an employer of choice, and will help CIA recruit the diverse skills and experiences required to carry out CIA’s mission.