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CIA Opens New Accessibility Storefront at Headquarters

November 24, 2021

People and Culture

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) welcomed officers to the opening of its Accessibility Storefront last month, part of the Agency-wide effort to ensure all officers have the resources and accommodations needed to fully support the mission.

The Storefront aims to provide an array of specialized accommodations to create a more accessible workplace for all of CIA’s officers. This will enhance officers’ ability to access tailored resources by offering the option to test various assistive technologies to find which best suits their individual needs. Additionally, the Storefront will offer products such as ergonomic chairs.

Not only will the Storefront serve as a resource to support officers’ ability to contribute to mission, but officers’ will have the opportunity to complete trainings and consultations at the installation with full access to individual accommodations.

“The Storefront is among the first of its kind in the IC and is a tangible reminder that accessibility is mission imperative,” said CIA’s Chief Operation Officer (COO) Andrew Makridis at the Storefront’s ribbon-cutting. He added that “CIA is a pioneer in this space and will continue to champion accessibility efforts.”

The Storefront is part of strategy to create a more equitable workplace by strengthening accessibility across the Agency.