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Statement from DNI Haines and DCIA Burns

February 2, 2022


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Director of National Intelligence Avril D. Haines and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency William J. Burns today issued the following statement:

We continue to pursue complementary efforts to get to the bottom of Anomalous Health Incidents (AHIs)—and to deliver access to world-class care for those affected. We are making progress in both areas. We recently shared Intelligence Community (IC) coordinated analysis that primarily focused on the question of attribution. Today we are pleased to share the declassified executive summary of the IC Experts Panel report. We convened the panel last year to examine—from a scientific, technical, and medical perspective—potential causal mechanisms for AHIs. The panel found that a subset of AHIs cannot be easily explained by known environmental or medical conditions and could be explained by certain external factors. Moving forward, the work of the IC Experts Panel will help sharpen the work of the IC and broader U.S. Government as we focus on possible causes. We will stay at it, with continued rigor, for however long it takes.

The U.S. Government remains committed to providing access to care for those who need it, and we will continue to share as much information as possible with our workforce and the American public as our efforts continue. Nothing is more important than the wellbeing and safety of our colleagues.