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This entry provides a listing of the highest-valued exported commodities.

  • Afghanistan

    gold, figs, grapes, cotton, fruits and nuts, coal (2021)

    note: Afghan opium production remains a significant illicit trade export

  • Albania

    leather footwear and parts, electricity, crude petroleum, iron alloys, clothing, insulated wiring (2021)

    note: Albanian cannabis production remains a significant illicit trade export

  • Algeria

    natural gas, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, fertilizers, ammonia (2021)

  • American Samoa

    refined petroleum, animal meal, vaccines and cultures, ethylene polymers, vulcanized rubber (2021)

  • Andorra

    integrated circuits, dental fitting supplies, cars, gold, essential oils (2021)

  • Angola

    crude petroleum, natural gas, diamonds, refined petroleum, asphalt mixtures (2021)

  • Anguilla

    packaged medicines, vaccines and cultures, used clothing, orthopedic appliances, blank audio media (2021)

  • Antigua and Barbuda

    refined petroleum, ships, gas turbines, aircraft parts, lobster, durum wheat (2021)

  • Argentina

    corn, soybean products, delivery trucks, wheat, beef, gold (2021)

  • Armenia

    copper ore, gold, liquors, iron alloys, tobacco (2021)

  • Aruba

    crude petroleum, cigarettes, whiskies, refined petroleum, scrap iron (2021)

  • Australia

    iron ore, coal, natural gas, gold, wheat (2021)

  • Austria

    vaccines and cultures, cars, packaged medicines, vehicle parts, broadcasting equipment (2021)

  • Azerbaijan

    crude petroleum, natural gas, refined petroleum, cotton, gold (2021)

  • Bahamas, The

    refined petroleum, ships, aluminum, lobsters and crawfish, styrene polymers (2021)

    note: Bahamian cannabis production remains a significant illicit trade export

  • Bahrain

    refined petroleum, aluminum, iron ore and reductions, aluminum wiring, crude petroleum (2021)

  • Bangladesh

    clothing, knitwear, leather footwear (2021)

  • Barbados

    rums and liquors, ships, packaged medicines, cement, paper labels (2021)

  • Belarus

    fertilizers, refined petroleum, cheese, delivery trucks, lumber (2021)

  • Belgium

    vaccines and cultures, cars, packaged medicines, refined petroleum, diamonds, natural gas (2021)

    note: Belgian amphetamine production and MDMA (ecstasy) production remain significant illicit trade commodities

  • Belize

    raw sugar, bananas, fishing ships, lobsters and crawfish, beer (2021)

  • Benin

    gold, cotton, cashews, refined petroleum, soybeans (2021)

  • Bermuda

    recreational boats, ships, trailers, aircraft, fertilizers (2021)

  • Bhutan

    iron alloys, dolomite, aircraft, cement, gypsum (2021)

  • Bolivia

    gold, natural gas, zinc, silver, soy products, tin (2021)

    note: Bolivian cocaine production remains a significant illicit trade commodity

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    electricity, seating, insulated wiring, lumber, furniture (2021)

  • Botswana

    diamonds, insulated wiring, copper, beef, gold (2021)

  • Brazil

    iron, soybeans, crude petroleum, sugar, poultry meats (2021)

  • British Indian Ocean Territory

    tuna and other fish, computers, integrated circuits, diamonds, jewelry (2021)

  • British Virgin Islands

    aircraft, recreational boats, ships, hydrogen, halogens (2021)

  • Brunei

    refined petroleum, natural gas, crude petroleum, industrial hydrocarbons, industrial alcohols  (2021)

  • Bulgaria

    copper, wheat, electricity, refined petroleum, packaged medicines (2021)

    note: Bulgarian amphetamine production remains a significant illicit trade export

  • Burkina Faso

    gold, cotton, zinc, cashews, sesame seeds (2021)

  • Burma

    natural gas, clothing products, dried legumes, precious stones, yttrium, scandium, rice, corn (2021)

    note: Burmese methamphetamine production and opiate production remain significant illicit trade commodities

  • Burundi

    gold, coffee, tea, raw earth metal ores, beer (2021)

    note: rare earth metal ores include zirconium, vanadium, tantalum, and niobium

  • Cabo Verde

    tuna, mackerel, aircraft, other processed and frozen fish, postage stamps and title bond paper documents, mollusks (2021)

  • Cambodia

    clothing and footwear, trunks and cases, rice, rubber, light fixtures (2021)

    note: Cambodian methamphetamine production remains a significant illicit trade export

  • Cameroon

    crude petroleum, natural gas, cocoa beans, lumber, gold, bananas (2021)

  • Canada

    crude petroleum, cars and vehicle parts, natural gas, gold, lumber (2021)

  • Cayman Islands

    recreational boats, aircraft, ships, gold, refined petroleum, natural gas (2021)

  • Central African Republic

    gold, lumber, diamonds, large construction vehicles, rum (2021)

  • Chad

    crude petroleum, gold, sesame seeds, gum arabic, silver (2021)

  • Chile

    copper, fish fillets, wood pulp, pitted fruits, wine (2021)

  • China

    broadcasting equipment, computers, integrated circuits, office machinery and parts, telephones (2021)

  • Christmas Island

    calcium phosphates, fertilizers, barometers, electrical transformers, sulfates (2021)

  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands

    integrated circuits, vaccines and cultures, furniture, carbon batteries, rubber gloves (2021)

  • Colombia

    crude petroleum, coal, coffee, gold, refined petroleum (2021)

  • Comoros

    cloves, tug boats, essential oils, scrap vessels, vanilla (2021)

  • Congo, Democratic Republic of the

    copper, cobalt, crude petroleum, tin, diamonds (2021)

  • Congo, Republic of the

    copper, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, lumber, tin (2021)

  • Cook Islands

    fish products, recreational boats, paintings, lobsters, tuna (2021)

  • Costa Rica

    medical instruments, bananas, pineapples, orthopedic appliances, food preparations (2021)

  • Cote d'Ivoire

    cocoa products, rubber, gold, cashews, crude petroleum, bananas (2021)

  • Croatia

    refined petroleum, crude petroleum, packaged medicines, electricity, electrical transformers (2021)

  • Cuba

    cigars, nickel, sugar, rum, zinc (2021)

  • Curacao

    refined petroleum, crude petroleum, petroleum coke, frozen fish, fishing ships (2021)

  • Cyprus

    ships, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, cheese, recreational boats (2021)

  • Czechia

    cars and vehicle parts, computers, broadcasting equipment, office machinery and parts, insulated wiring (2021)

  • Denmark

    packaged medicines, pork, refined petroleum, electric generators, cheese (2021)

  • Djibouti

    palm oil, chlorides, sheep and goats, kidney beans, industrial fatty acids/oils, coffee (2021)

  • Dominica

    medical instruments, low-voltage protection equipment, sutures, soap, bandages (2021)

  • Dominican Republic

    gold, medical instruments, cigars, low-voltage protection equipment, iron alloys, clothing (2021)

  • Ecuador

    crude petroleum, shrimp, bananas, refined petroleum, tuna (2021)

  • Egypt

    refined petroleum, crude petroleum, natural gas, nitrogen fertilizers, gold (2021)

  • El Salvador

    clothing, electrical capacitors, plastic lids, sugar, packaged medicines, toilet paper (2021)

  • Equatorial Guinea

    crude petroleum, natural gas, industrial alcohols, lumber, veneer sheeting (2021)

  • Eritrea

    zinc, copper, gold, clothing, stone grinders (2021)

  • Estonia

    broadcasting equipment, coal tar oil, refined petroleum, cars, prefabricated buildings, lumber (2021)

  • Eswatini

    carbonated drink mixtures, sugar, gold, industrial additives, clothing, lumber (2021)

  • Ethiopia

    coffee, gold, sesame seeds, vegetables, cut flowers, aircraft parts (2021)

  • European Union

    cars and vehicle parts, packaged medicines, vaccines and cultures, refined petroleum, aircraft, integrated circuits, medical instruments, gas turbines (2021)

  • Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

    mollusks, fish, wool, sheep and goat meats, aircraft parts (2021)

  • Faroe Islands

    fish and fish products (2021)

  • Fiji

    water, fuel wood, gold, sugar, refined petroleum, fish (2021)

  • Finland

    refined petroleum, kaolin coated paper, cars, lumber, stainless steel, wood pulp (2021)

  • France

    aircraft, packaged medicines, cars and vehicle parts, wine, beauty products, gas turbines (2021)

  • French Polynesia

    paintings, pearls, tuna, aircraft parts, coconut oil, vanilla, electrical panels (2021)

  • Gabon

    crude petroleum, manganese, lumber, veneer sheeting, refined petroleum (2021)

  • Gambia, The

    cashews, lumber, refined petroleum, shellfish, scrap iron, fish, sesame seeds (2021)

  • Gaza Strip

    building stone, scrap iron, plastic lids, furniture, seating, dates, olive oil (2021)

    note: data includes both Gaza Strip and West Bank export commodities

  • Georgia

    copper, iron alloys, cars, wine, refined petroleum, nitrogen fertilizers, liquors (2021)

  • Germany

    cars and vehicle parts, packaged medicines, medical cultures/vaccines, aircraft, industrial machinery, medical instruments (2021)

  • Ghana

    gold, crude petroleum, cocoa products, cashews, manganese  (2021)

  • Gibraltar

    cars and vehicle parts, ships, refined petroleum, recreational boats, designer watches (2021)

  • Greece

    refined petroleum, packaged medicines, aluminum plating, cotton, cheese, copper piping (2021)

  • Greenland

    shrimp, halibut, fish fillets, crabs, cod, mackerel (2021)

  • Grenada

    nutmeg, tuna, cocoa beans, fruits, nuts, toilet paper, acrylic paints, beer (2021)

  • Guam

    scrap iron, scrap copper, boring/sinking machinery, leather handbags, rubber, scrap aluminum (2021)

  • Guatemala

    clothing, bananas, coffee, palm oil, cardamoms, raw sugar, iron alloys (2021)

  • Guernsey

    aircraft, photo lab equipment, clocks, ships, paintings, scientific instruments (2022)

  • Guinea

    gold, aluminum ores and oxide, iron ores, cocoa beans, cashews, frozen fish (2021)

  • Guinea-Bissau

    cashews, natural gas, mackerel, fish, scrap vessels (2021)

  • Guyana

    crude petroleum, gold, rice, aluminum ores, railway shipping containers, rums   (2021)

  • Haiti

    clothing and apparel, essential oils, eels, mangoes, scrap iron (2021)

  • Honduras

    clothing and apparel, coffee, insulated wiring, palm oil, shrimp, gold, bananas (2021)

  • Hong Kong

    gold, integrated circuits, gas turbines, broadcasting equipment, silver, diamonds, telephones (2021)

  • Hungary

    cars and vehicle parts, electric batteries, video displays, packaged medicines, spark-ignition engines, broadcasting equipment (2021)

  • Iceland

    aluminum and aluminum products, fish fillets, salmon, iron alloys, animal meal (2021)

  • India

    refined petroleum, diamonds, packaged medicines, jewelry, rice (2021)

  • Indonesia

    coal, palm oil, natural gas, iron alloys, stainless steel (2021)

  • Iran

    ethylene polymers, pistachios, iron, copper, industrial alcohols, aluminum (2021)

  • Iraq

    crude petroleum, refined petroleum, gold, petroleum coke, natural gas (2021)

  • Ireland

    vaccines and cultures, packaged medicines, nitrogen compounds, integrated circuits, scented mixtures, medical instruments (2021)

  • Isle of Man

    crude petroleum, artwork, vegetables, fruits, whiskies (2022)

  • Israel

    diamonds, integrated circuits, refined petroleum, medical instruments, packaged medicines, measuring instruments (2021)

  • Italy

    packaged medicines, cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, vaccines and cultures, jewelry, valves (2021)

  • Jamaica

    aluminum oxide, refined petroleum, aluminum, rums, fruits, nuts, natural gas, sauces and seasonings (2021)

  • Japan

    cars and vehicle parts, integrated circuits, general machinery, photo lab equipment, construction vehicles, semiconductors  (2021)

  • Jersey

    refined petroleum, beverages, ships, jewelry, artwork (2022)

  • Jordan

    fertilizers, clothing and apparel, calcium phosphates, phosphoric acid, packaged medicines (2021)

  • Kazakhstan

    crude petroleum, gold, copper, iron alloys, natural gas (2021)

  • Kenya

    tea, cut flowers, coffee, refined petroleum, titanium (2021)

  • Kiribati

    skipjacks, tuna, fish fillets, ships, coconut oil, copra (2021)

  • Korea, North

    refined petroleum, iron alloys, electricity, cars, vaccines and cultures (2021)

  • Korea, South

    integrated circuits, cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, office machinery, ships, telephones (2021)

  • Kosovo

    mattress materials, iron alloys, metal piping, scrap iron, building plastics, mineral water, seating (2021)

  • Kuwait

    crude petroleum, refined petroleum, natural gas, industrial hydrocarbon products, industrial alcohols (2021)

  • Kyrgyzstan

    gold, float glass, precious metals, kidney beans, refined petroleum, scrap copper, dried fruits (2021)

  • Laos

    electricity, gold, paper, copper, rubber, flavored water (2021)

  • Latvia

    lumber, wheat, broadcasting equipment, packaged medicines, fuel woods, hard liquors (2021)

  • Lebanon

    gold, diamonds, scrap iron, wood furniture, grapes, jewelry, cars (2021)

  • Lesotho

    diamonds, clothing and apparel, wool, low-voltage protection equipment, wheat flours (2021)

  • Liberia

    gold, ships, iron, rubber, cocoa beans, palm oil (2021)

  • Libya

    crude petroleum, natural gas, refined petroleum, scrap iron, gold (2021)

  • Liechtenstein

    small specialty machinery, connectors for audio and video, parts for motor vehicles, dental products, hardware, prepared foodstuffs, electronic equipment, optical products

  • Lithuania

    refined petroleum, wooden furniture, wheat, laboratory reagents, cigarettes (2021)

  • Luxembourg

    iron products, cars and vehicle parts, tires, gas turbines, adhesive plastics (2021)

  • Macau

    jewelry, broadcasting equipment, watches, telephones, clothing and apparel (2021)

  • Madagascar

    vanilla, nickel, clothing and apparel, titanium, gold, cloves (2021)

  • Malawi

    tobacco, gold, soybeans, raw sugar, tea, dried legumes and nuts (2021)

  • Malaysia

    integrated circuits, refined petroleum, palm oil, rubber apparel, natural gas, semiconductors (2021)

  • Maldives

    skipjack and stripe-bellied bonito, fish fillets, propane, tuna, butane, scrap iron (2021)

  • Mali

    gold, cotton, sesame seeds, lumber, refined petroleum (2021)

  • Malta

    integrated circuits, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, postage stamps, children's toys and stuffed animals, ships (2021)

  • Marshall Islands

    ships, recreational boats, skipjack, tuna, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment (2021)

  • Mauritania

    iron ore, gold, mollusks and shellfish, frozen fish, copper ore (2021)

  • Mauritius

    clothing and apparel, skipjack and tuna, raw sugar, fertilizers, diamonds (2021)

  • Mexico

    cars and vehicle parts, computers, delivery trucks, crude petroleum, video displays, insulated wiring (2021)

  • Micronesia, Federated States of

    skipjack, tuna, fish fillets, aircraft, scrap iron (2021)

  • Moldova

    insulated wiring, wheat, sunflower seeds, rolled iron, wine, corn, seats (2021)

  • Monaco

    jewelry, perfumes, watches, packaged medicines, cars (2021)

  • Mongolia

    copper, coal, gold, iron, animal hair, crude petroleum, zinc (2021)

  • Montenegro

    copper ore, aluminum, electricity, dried legumes, packaged medicines, lead, scrap iron, lumber (2021)

  • Montserrat

    iron products, needles and catheters, sand, dental filling pharmaceuticals, gravel (2021)

  • Morocco

    cars, fertilizers, insulated wiring, phosphoric acid, clothing and apparel (2021)

  • Mozambique

    coal, aluminum, gold, natural gas, electricity, titanium, coke (2021)

  • Namibia

    diamonds, uranium, copper, gold, fish products, aircraft, ships (2021)

  • Nauru

    skipjack, calcium phosphates, tuna, cars, delivery trucks, low-voltage protection equipment (2021)

  • Nepal

    soybean oil, palm oil, clothing and apparel, carpets, nutmeg (2021)

  • Netherlands

    refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, packaged medicines, photography equipment, computers (2021)

  • New Caledonia

    iron alloys, nickel, essential oils, recreational boats, shrimp (2021)

  • New Zealand

    milk cream powders, lumber, beef, butter, mutton (2021)

  • Nicaragua

    clothing and apparel, gold, insulated wiring, coffee, beef, cigars (2021)

  • Niger

    gold, sesame seeds, uranium, refined petroleum, onions (2021)

  • Nigeria

    crude petroleum, natural gas, scrap vessels, cocoa beans, refined petroleum (2021)

  • Niue

    tanker ships, collector's items, commemorative coins, fruits, nuts, juice, electrical resistors (2021)

  • Norfolk Island

    pine seeds, lumber, cars and vehicle parts, soybeans, lactose syrup, cleaning products, scrap aluminum (2021)

  • North Macedonia

    support catalysts, centrifuges, insulated wiring, iron alloys, seats (2021)

  • Northern Mariana Islands

    scrap iron, refined petroleum, scrap copper, hydraulic engines, integrated circuits, peas, scrap aluminum (2021)

  • Norway

    natural gas, crude petroleum, salmon, refined petroleum, aluminum (2021)

  • Oman

    crude petroleum, natural gas, refined petroleum, fertilizers, iron  (2021)

  • Pakistan

    textiles, clothing and apparel, rice, leather goods, surgical instruments (2019)

  • Palau

    fish, computers, broadcasting equipment, office machinery/parts, scrap vessels (2019)

  • Panama

    refined petroleum, copper, bananas, ships, coal tar oil, packaged medicines (2019)

  • Papua New Guinea

    natural gas, gold, copper, palm oil, nickel, crude petroleum, lumber, refined petroleum, tuna, coffee (2021)

  • Paraguay

    soybeans and soybean products, electricity, beef, corn, insulated wiring (2019)

  • Peru

    copper, gold, refined petroleum, zinc, fishmeal, tropical fruits, lead, iron, molybdenum (2019)

  • Philippines

    integrated circuits, office machinery/parts, insulated wiring, semiconductors, transformers (2019)

  • Pitcairn Islands

    leather footwear, gas turbine parts, precious metal ores, clothing and apparel, beef (2019)

  • Poland

    cars and vehicle parts, seats, furniture, electric batteries, computers (2020)

  • Portugal

    cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, leather footwear, tires, paper (2021)

  • Puerto Rico

    packaged medicines, medical cultures/vaccines, hormones, orthopedic and medical appliances, sulfur compounds (2019)

  • Qatar

    natural gas, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, ethylene polymers, fertilizers (2019)

  • Romania

    cars and vehicle parts, insulated wiring, refined petroleum, electrical control boards, seats (2019)

  • Russia

    crude petroleum, refined petroleum, natural gas, coal, wheat, iron (2019)

  • Rwanda

    gold, refined petroleum, coffee, tea, tin (2019)

  • Saint Barthelemy

    beauty products, broadcasting equipment, sunflower seed oil, plastics, cars (2019)

  • Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha

    crustaceans, fish, integrated circuits, air conditioners, clothing and apparel (2019)

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis

    broadcasting equipment, recreational boats, electrical plugs and sockets, measuring instruments, electrical transformers (2021)

  • Saint Lucia

    crude petroleum, fertilizers, refined petroleum, polymers, aluminum (2021)

  • Saint Martin

    gold, special use vessels, furniture, scrap aluminum, rum (2019)

  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon

    crustaceans, fish, medical instruments, electrical parts, pasta (2019)

  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    recreational boats, drilling platforms, cargo ships, wheat flours, animal food, collector's items (2021)

  • Samoa

    refined petroleum, fish, fruit juice, coconut oil, beer (2019)

  • San Marino

    industrial washing/bottling machinery, packaged medicines, woodworking machinery, foodstuffs, aircraft (2019)

  • Sao Tome and Principe

    gas turbines, cocoa beans, aircraft parts, iron products, chocolate (2019)

  • Saudi Arabia

    crude petroleum, refined petroleum, polymers, industrial alcohols, natural gas (2019)

  • Senegal

    gold, refined petroleum, phosphoric acid, fish, ground nuts (2019)

  • Serbia

    insulated wiring, tires, corn, cars, iron products, copper (2019)

  • Seychelles

    refined petroleum, fish, recreational boats, cigarettes, animal meal (2019)

  • Sierra Leone

    titanium, lumber, diamonds, aluminum, cocoa beans (2019)

  • Singapore

    integrated circuits, refined petroleum, gold, gas turbines, packaged medicines (2019)

  • Sint Maarten


  • Slovakia

    cars and vehicle parts, video displays, broadcasting equipment, tires, refined petroleum (2019)

  • Slovenia

    packaged medicines, cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, electrical lighting/signaling equipment, electricity (2019)

  • Solomon Islands

    lumber, fish, aluminum, palm oil, cocoa beans (2019)

  • Somalia

    gold, sheep, goats, sesame seeds, insect resins, cattle (2019)

  • South Africa

    gold, platinum, cars, iron products, coal, manganese, diamonds  (2019)

  • South Sudan

    crude petroleum, gold, forage crops, lumber, insect resins (2019)

  • Spain

    cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, delivery trucks, clothing and apparel (2019)

  • Sri Lanka

    clothing and apparel, tea, used tires, rubber products, precious stones, cinnamon (2019)

  • Sudan

    gold, crude petroleum, sesame seeds, sheep, goats, cotton, ground nuts (2019)

  • Suriname

    gold, lumber, refined petroleum, excavation machinery, rice (2021)

  • Sweden

    cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, lumber, iron, broadcasting equipment (2021)

  • Switzerland

    gold, packaged medicines, medical cultures/vaccines, watches, jewelry (2019)

  • Syria

    olive oil, cumin seeds, pistachios, tomatoes, apples, pears, spices, pitted fruits (2019)

  • Taiwan

    integrated circuits, office machinery/parts, computers, refined petroleum, liquid crystal displays (2019)

  • Tajikistan

    gold, aluminum, cotton, zinc, antimony, lead (2019)

  • Tanzania

    gold, cashews, copper, precious metals, legumes (2020)

  • Thailand

    office machinery/parts, cars and vehicle parts, integrated circuits, delivery trucks, gold (2019)

  • Timor-Leste

    crude petroleum, natural gas, coffee, various vegetables, scrap iron (2019)

  • Togo

    refined petroleum, crude petroleum, electricity, calcium phosphates, cotton (2019)

  • Tokelau

    oscilloscopes, house linens, fruits, nuts, recreational boats, iron products (2019)

  • Tonga

    squash, fish, various fruits and nuts, antiques, coral and shells (2019)

  • Trinidad and Tobago

    ammonia, industrial alcohols, natural gas, crude petroleum, iron products, fertilizers, refined petroleum (2021)

  • Tunisia

    insulated wiring, clothing and apparel, crude petroleum, olive oil, vehicle parts (2019)

  • Turkey (Turkiye)

    cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, delivery trucks, jewelry, clothing and apparel (2019)

  • Turkmenistan

    natural gas, refined petroleum, crude petroleum, cotton fibers, fertilizers (2019)

  • Turks and Caicos Islands

    plastic building materials, stone processing machinery, iron structures, crustaceans, integrated circuits (2019)

  • Tuvalu

    fish, ships, coins, metal-clad products, electrical power accessories (2019)

  • Uganda

    gold, coffee, milk, fish and fish products, tobacco (2019)

  • Ukraine

    corn, sunflower seed oils, iron and iron products, wheat, insulated wiring, rapeseed (2019)

  • United Arab Emirates

    crude petroleum, refined petroleum, gold, jewelry, broadcasting equipment (2019)

  • United Kingdom

    cars, gold, gas turbines, crude petroleum, packaged medicines (2021)

  • United States

    refined petroleum, crude petroleum, cars and vehicle parts, integrated circuits, aircraft (2019)

  • Uruguay

    sulfate wood pulp, beef, soybeans, concentrated milk, rice (2019)

  • Uzbekistan

    gold, natural gas, cotton fibers, copper, ethylene polymers (2019)

  • Vanuatu

    fish and fish products, tug boats, perfume plants, mollusks, cocoa beans (2019)

  • Venezuela

    crude petroleum, refined petroleum, industrial alcohols, gold, iron (2019)

  • Vietnam

    broadcasting equipment, telephones, integrated circuits, footwear, furniture (2019)

  • Virgin Islands

    refined petroleum, jewelry, recreational boats, watches, rum (2019)

  • Wallis and Futuna

    integrated circuits, jewelry, cars, aircraft parts, polyacetals (2019)

  • West Bank

    building stone, scrap iron, plastic lids, furniture, seating, dates, olive oil (2021)

    note: data includes both Gaza Strip and West Bank export commodities

  • World

    the whole range of industrial and agricultural goods and services

    top ten - share of world trade: 14.8 electrical machinery, including computers; 14.4 mineral fuels, including oil, coal, gas, and refined products; 14.2 nuclear reactors, boilers, and parts; 8.9 cars, trucks, and buses; 3.5 scientific and precision instruments; 3.4 plastics; 2.7 iron and steel; 2.6 organic chemicals; 2.6 pharmaceutical products; 1.9 diamonds, pearls, and precious stones (2007 est.)

  • Yemen

    crude petroleum, gold, fish, industrial chemical liquids, scrap iron (2019)

  • Zambia

    copper, gold, gemstones, tobacco, cement (2020)

  • Zimbabwe

    gold, tobacco, iron alloys, nickel, diamonds, jewelry (2019)