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small-scale production of bricks, textiles, soap, furniture, shoes, fertilizer, apparel, food products, non-alcoholic beverages, mineral water, cement; handwoven carpets; natural gas, coal, copper


food; footwear, apparel and clothing; lumber, oil, cement, chemicals, mining, basic metals, hydropower


petroleum, natural gas, light industries, mining, electrical, petrochemical, food processing

American Samoa

tuna canneries (largely supplied by foreign fishing vessels), handicrafts


tourism (particularly skiing), banking, timber, furniture


petroleum; diamonds, iron ore, phosphates, feldspar, bauxite, uranium, and gold; cement; basic metal products; fish processing; food processing, brewing, tobacco products, sugar; textiles; ship repair


tourism, boat building, offshore financial services

Antigua and Barbuda

tourism, construction, light manufacturing (clothing, alcohol, household appliances)


food processing, motor vehicles, consumer durables, textiles, chemicals and petrochemicals, printing, metallurgy, steel


brandy, mining, diamond processing, metal-cutting machine tools, forging and pressing machines, electric motors, knitted wear, hosiery, shoes, silk fabric, chemicals, trucks, instruments, microelectronics, jewelry, software, food processing


tourism, petroleum transshipment facilities, banking


mining, industrial and transportation equipment, food processing, chemicals, steel


construction, machinery, vehicles and parts, food, metals, chemicals, lumber and paper, electronics, tourism


petroleum and petroleum products, natural gas, oilfield equipment; steel, iron ore; cement; chemicals and petrochemicals; textiles

Bahamas, The

tourism, banking, oil bunkering, maritime industries, transshipment and logistics, salt, aragonite, pharmaceuticals


petroleum processing and refining, aluminum smelting, iron pelletization, fertilizers, Islamic and offshore banking, insurance, ship repairing, tourism


cotton, textiles and clothing, jute, tea, paper, cement, fertilizer, sugar, light engineering 


tourism, sugar, light manufacturing, component assembly for export


metal-cutting machine tools, tractors, trucks, earthmovers, motorcycles, synthetic fibers, fertilizer, textiles, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances


engineering and metal products, motor vehicle assembly, transportation equipment, scientific instruments, processed food and beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, base metals, textiles, glass, petroleum


garment production, food processing, tourism, construction, oil


textiles, food processing, construction materials, cement


international business, tourism, light manufacturing


cement, wood products, processed fruits, alcoholic beverages, calcium carbide, tourism


mining, smelting, electricity, petroleum, food and beverages, handicrafts, clothing, jewelry

Bosnia and Herzegovina

steel, coal, iron ore, lead, zinc, manganese, bauxite, aluminum, motor vehicle assembly, textiles, tobacco products, wooden furniture, ammunition, domestic appliances, oil refining


diamonds, copper, nickel, salt, soda ash, potash, coal, iron ore, silver; beef processing; textiles


textiles, shoes, chemicals, cement, lumber, iron ore, tin, steel, aircraft, motor vehicles and parts, other machinery and equipment

British Virgin Islands

tourism, light industry, construction, rum, concrete block, offshore banking center


petroleum, petroleum refining, liquefied natural gas, construction, agriculture, aquaculture, transportation


electricity, gas, water; food, beverages, tobacco; machinery and equipment, automotive parts, base metals, chemical products, coke, refined petroleum, nuclear fuel; outsourcing centers

Burkina Faso

cotton lint, beverages, agricultural processing, soap, cigarettes, textiles, gold


agricultural processing; wood and wood products; copper, tin, tungsten, iron; cement, construction materials; pharmaceuticals; fertilizer; oil and natural gas; garments; jade and gems


light consumer goods (sugar, shoes, soap, beer); cement, assembly of imported components; public works construction; food processing (fruits)

Cabo Verde

food and beverages, fish processing, shoes and garments, salt mining, ship repair


tourism, garments, construction, rice milling, fishing, wood and wood products, rubber, cement, gem mining, textiles


petroleum production and refining, aluminum production, food processing, light consumer goods, textiles, lumber, ship repair


transportation equipment, chemicals, processed and unprocessed minerals, food products, wood and paper products, fish products, petroleum, natural gas

Cayman Islands

tourism, banking, insurance and finance, construction, construction materials, furniture

Central African Republic

gold and diamond mining, logging, brewing, sugar refining


oil, cotton textiles, brewing, natron (sodium carbonate), soap, cigarettes, construction materials


copper, lithium, other minerals, foodstuffs, fish processing, iron and steel, wood and wood products, transport equipment, cement, textiles


world leader in gross value of industrial output; mining and ore processing, iron, steel, aluminum, and other metals, coal; machine building; armaments; textiles and apparel; petroleum; cement; chemicals; fertilizer; consumer products (including footwear, toys, and electronics); food processing; transportation equipment, including automobiles, railcars and locomotives, ships, aircraft; telecommunications equipment, commercial space launch vehicles, satellites

Christmas Island

tourism, phosphate extraction (near depletion)

Cocos (Keeling) Islands

copra products, tourism


textiles, food processing, oil, clothing and footwear, beverages, chemicals, cement; gold, coal, emeralds


fishing, tourism, perfume distillation

Congo, Democratic Republic of the

mining (copper, cobalt, gold, diamonds, coltan, zinc, tin, tungsten), mineral processing, consumer products (textiles, plastics, footwear, cigarettes), metal products, processed foods and beverages, timber, cement, commercial ship repair

Congo, Republic of the

petroleum extraction, cement, lumber, brewing, sugar, palm oil, soap, flour, cigarettes

Cook Islands

fishing, fruit processing, tourism, clothing, handicrafts

Costa Rica

medical equipment, food processing, textiles and clothing, construction materials, fertilizer, plastic products

Cote d'Ivoire

foodstuffs, beverages; wood products, oil refining, gold mining, truck and bus assembly, textiles, fertilizer, building materials, electricity


chemicals and plastics, machine tools, fabricated metal, electronics, pig iron and rolled steel products, aluminum, paper, wood products, construction materials, textiles, shipbuilding, petroleum and petroleum refining, food and beverages, tourism


petroleum, nickel, cobalt, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, construction, steel, cement, agricultural machinery, sugar


tourism, petroleum refining, petroleum transshipment, light manufacturing, financial and business services


tourism, food and beverage processing, cement and gypsum, ship repair and refurbishment, textiles, light chemicals, metal products, wood, paper, stone and clay products

note: area administered by Turkish Cypriots - foodstuffs, textiles, clothing, ship repair, clay, gypsum, copper, furniture


motor vehicles, metallurgy, machinery and equipment, glass, armaments


wind turbines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, shipbuilding and refurbishment, iron, steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, food processing, machinery and transportation equipment, textiles and clothing, electronics, construction, furniture and other wood products


construction, agricultural processing, shipping


soap, coconut oil, tourism, copra, furniture, cement blocks, shoes

Dominican Republic

tourism, sugar processing, gold mining, textiles, cement, tobacco, electrical components, medical devices


petroleum, food processing, textiles, wood products, chemicals


textiles, food processing, tourism, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hydrocarbons, construction, cement, metals, light manufactures

El Salvador

food processing, beverages, petroleum, chemicals, fertilizer, textiles, furniture, light metals

Equatorial Guinea

petroleum, natural gas, sawmilling


food processing, beverages, clothing and textiles, light manufacturing, salt, cement


food, engineering, electronics, wood and wood products, textiles; information technology, telecommunications


soft drink concentrates, coal, forestry, sugar processing, textiles, and apparel


food processing, beverages, textiles, leather, garments, chemicals, metals processing, cement

European Union

among the world's largest and most technologically advanced regions, the EU industrial base includes: ferrous and non-ferrous metal production and processing, metal products, petroleum, coal, cement, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, rail transportation equipment, passenger and commercial vehicles, construction equipment, industrial equipment, shipbuilding, electrical power equipment, machine tools and automated manufacturing systems, electronics and telecommunications equipment, fishing, food and beverages, furniture, paper, textiles

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

fish and wool processing; tourism

Faroe Islands

fishing, fish processing, tourism, small ship repair and refurbishment, handicrafts


tourism, sugar processing, clothing, copra, gold, silver, lumber


metals and metal products, electronics, machinery and scientific instruments, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, foodstuffs, chemicals, textiles, clothing


machinery, chemicals, automobiles, metallurgy, aircraft, electronics, textiles, food processing, tourism

French Polynesia

tourism, pearls, agricultural processing, handicrafts, phosphates


petroleum extraction and refining; manganese, gold; chemicals, ship repair, food and beverages, textiles, lumbering and plywood, cement

Gambia, The

peanuts, fish, hides, tourism, beverages, agricultural machinery assembly, woodworking, metalworking, clothing

Gaza Strip

textiles, food processing, furniture


steel, machine tools, electrical appliances, mining (manganese, copper, gold), chemicals, wood products, wine


iron, steel, coal, cement, chemicals, machinery, vehicles, machine tools, electronics, automobiles, food and beverages, shipbuilding, textiles


mining, lumbering, light manufacturing, aluminum smelting, food processing, cement, small commercial ship building, petroleum


tourism, banking and finance, ship repairing, tobacco


tourism, food and tobacco processing, textiles, chemicals, metal products; mining, petroleum


fish processing (mainly shrimp and Greenland halibut), anorthosite and ruby mining, handicrafts, hides and skins, small shipyards


food and beverages, textiles, light assembly operations, tourism, construction, education, call-center operations


national defense, tourism, construction, transshipment services, concrete products, printing and publishing, food processing, textiles


sugar, textiles and clothing, furniture, chemicals, petroleum, metals, rubber, tourism


tourism, banking


bauxite, gold, diamonds, iron ore; light manufacturing, agricultural processing


agricultural products processing, beer, soft drinks


bauxite, sugar, rice milling, timber, textiles, gold mining


textiles, sugar refining, flour milling, cement, light assembly using imported parts

Holy See (Vatican City)

printing; production of coins, medals, postage stamps; mosaics, staff uniforms; worldwide banking and financial activities


sugar processing, coffee, woven and knit apparel, wood products, cigars

Hong Kong

trading and logistics, financial services, professional services, tourism, cultural and creative, clothing and textiles, shipping, electronics, toys, clocks and watches


mining, metallurgy, construction materials, processed foods, textiles, chemicals (especially pharmaceuticals), motor vehicles


tourism, fish processing; aluminum smelting; geothermal power, hydropower; medical/pharmaceutical products


textiles, chemicals, food processing, steel, transportation equipment, cement, mining, petroleum, machinery, software, pharmaceuticals


petroleum and natural gas, textiles, automotive, electrical appliances, apparel, footwear, mining, cement, medical instruments and appliances, handicrafts, chemical fertilizers, plywood, rubber, processed food, jewelry, and tourism


petroleum, petrochemicals, gas, fertilizer, caustic soda, textiles, cement and other construction materials, food processing (particularly sugar refining and vegetable oil production), ferrous and nonferrous metal fabrication, armaments


petroleum, chemicals, textiles, leather, construction materials, food processing, fertilizer, metal fabrication/processing


pharmaceuticals, chemicals, computer hardware and software, food products, beverages and brewing; medical devices

Isle of Man

financial services, light manufacturing, tourism


high-technology products (including aviation, communications, computer-aided design and manufactures, medical electronics, fiber optics), wood and paper products, potash and phosphates, food, beverages, and tobacco, caustic soda, cement, pharmaceuticals, construction, metal products, chemical products, plastics, cut diamonds, textiles, footwear


tourism, machinery, iron and steel, chemicals, food processing, textiles, motor vehicles, clothing, footwear, ceramics


agriculture, mining, manufacture, construction, financial and insurance services, tourism, telecommunications


motor vehicles, electronic equipment, machine tools, steel and nonferrous metals, ships, chemicals, textiles, processed foods


tourism, banking and finance, dairy, electronics


tourism, information technology, clothing, fertilizer, potash, phosphate mining, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, cement, inorganic chemicals, light manufacturing


oil, coal, iron ore, manganese, chromite, lead, zinc, copper, titanium, bauxite, gold, silver, phosphates, sulfur, uranium, iron and steel; tractors and other agricultural machinery, electric motors, construction materials


agriculture, transportation, services, manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, tourism, retail


fishing, handicrafts

Korea, North

military products; machine building, electric power, chemicals; mining (coal, iron ore, limestone, magnesite, graphite, copper, zinc, lead, and precious metals), metallurgy; textiles, food processing; tourism

Korea, South

electronics, telecommunications, automobile production, chemicals, shipbuilding, steel


mineral mining, construction materials, base metals, leather, machinery, appliances, foodstuffs and beverages, textiles


petroleum, petrochemicals, cement, shipbuilding and repair, water desalination, food processing, construction materials


small machinery, textiles, food processing, cement, shoes, lumber, refrigerators, furniture, electric motors, gold, rare earth metals


mining (copper, tin, gold, gypsum); timber, electric power, agricultural processing, rubber, construction, garments, cement, tourism


processed foods, processed wood products, textiles, processed metals, pharmaceuticals, railroad cars, synthetic fibers, electronics


banking, tourism, real estate and construction, food processing, wine, jewelry, cement, textiles, mineral and chemical products, wood and furniture products, oil refining, metal fabricating


food, beverages, textiles, apparel assembly, handicrafts, construction, tourism


mining (iron ore and gold), rubber processing, palm oil processing, diamonds


petroleum, petrochemicals, aluminum, iron and steel, food processing, textiles, handicrafts, cement


electronics, metal manufacturing, dental products, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, food products, precision instruments, tourism, optical instruments


metal-cutting machine tools, electric motors, televisions, refrigerators and freezers, petroleum refining, shipbuilding (small ships), furniture, textiles, food processing, fertilizer, agricultural machinery, optical equipment, lasers, electronic components, computers, amber jewelry, information technology, video game development, app/software development, biotechnology


banking and financial services, construction, real estate services, iron, metals, and steel, information technology, telecommunications, cargo transportation and logistics, chemicals, engineering, tires, glass, aluminum, tourism, biotechnology


tourism, gambling, clothing, textiles, electronics, footwear, toys


meat processing, seafood, soap, beer, leather, sugar, textiles, glassware, cement, automobile assembly plant, paper, petroleum, tourism, mining


tobacco, tea, sugar, sawmill products, cement, consumer goods


Peninsular Malaysia - rubber and oil palm processing and manufacturing, petroleum and natural gas, light manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, electronics and semiconductors, timber processing; Sabah - logging, petroleum and natural gas production; Sarawak - agriculture processing, petroleum and natural gas production, logging


tourism, fish processing, shipping, boat building, coconut processing, woven mats, rope, handicrafts, coral and sand mining


food processing; construction; phosphate and gold mining


tourism, electronics, ship building and repair, construction, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, footwear, clothing, tobacco, aviation services, financial services, information technology services

Marshall Islands

copra, tuna processing, tourism, craft items (from seashells, wood, and pearls)


fish processing, oil production, mining (iron ore, gold, copper)

note: gypsum deposits have never been exploited


food processing (largely sugar milling), textiles, clothing, mining, chemicals, metal products, transport equipment, nonelectrical machinery, tourism


food and beverages, tobacco, chemicals, iron and steel, petroleum, mining, textiles, clothing, motor vehicles, consumer durables, tourism

Micronesia, Federated States of

tourism, construction; specialized aquaculture, craft items (shell and wood)


sugar processing, vegetable oil, food processing, agricultural machinery; foundry equipment, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines; hosiery, shoes, textiles


banking, insurance, tourism, construction, small-scale industrial and consumer products


construction and construction materials; mining (coal, copper, molybdenum, fluorspar, tin, tungsten, gold); oil; food and beverages; processing of animal products, cashmere and natural fiber manufacturing


steelmaking, aluminum, agricultural processing, consumer goods, tourism


tourism, rum, textiles, electronic appliances


automotive parts, phosphate mining and processing, aerospace, food processing, leather goods, textiles, construction, energy, tourism


aluminum, petroleum products, chemicals (fertilizer, soap, paints), textiles, cement, glass, asbestos, tobacco, food, beverages


mining, tourism, fishing, agriculture


phosphate mining, offshore banking, coconut products


tourism, carpets, textiles; small rice, jute, sugar, and oilseed mills; cigarettes, cement and brick production


agroindustries, metal and engineering products, electrical machinery and equipment, chemicals, petroleum, construction, microelectronics, fishing

New Caledonia

nickel mining and smelting

New Zealand

agriculture, forestry, fishing, logs and wood articles, manufacturing, mining, construction, financial services, real estate services, tourism


food processing, chemicals, machinery and metal products, knit and woven apparel, petroleum refining and distribution, beverages, footwear, wood, electric wire harness manufacturing, mining


uranium mining, petroleum, cement, brick, soap, textiles, food processing, chemicals, slaughterhouses


crude oil, coal, tin, columbite; rubber products, wood; hides and skins, textiles, cement and other construction materials, food products, footwear, chemicals, fertilizer, printing, ceramics, steel


handicrafts, food processing

Norfolk Island

tourism, light industry, ready mixed concrete

North Macedonia

food processing, beverages, textiles, chemicals, iron, steel, cement, energy, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts

Northern Mariana Islands

tourism, banking, construction, fishing, handicrafts, other services


petroleum and gas, shipping, fishing, aquaculture, food processing, shipbuilding, pulp and paper products, metals, chemicals, timber, mining, textiles


crude oil production and refining, natural and liquefied natural gas production; construction, cement, copper, steel, chemicals, optic fiber


textiles and apparel, food processing, pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments, construction materials, paper products, fertilizer, shrimp


tourism, fishing, subsistence agriculture


construction, brewing, cement and other construction materials, sugar milling

Papua New Guinea

oil and gas; mining (gold, copper, and nickel); palm oil processing; plywood and wood chip production; copra crushing; construction; tourism; fishing; livestock (pork, poultry, cattle) and dairy farming; spice products (turmeric, vanilla, ginger, cardamom, chili, pepper, citronella, and nutmeg)


sugar processing, cement, textiles, beverages, wood products, steel, base metals, electric power


mining and refining of minerals; steel, metal fabrication; petroleum extraction and refining, natural gas and natural gas liquefaction; fishing and fish processing, cement, glass, textiles, clothing, food processing, beer, soft drinks, rubber, machinery, electrical machinery, chemicals, furniture


semiconductors and electronics assembly, business process outsourcing, food and beverage manufacturing, construction, electric/gas/water supply, chemical products, radio/television/communications equipment and apparatus, petroleum and fuel, textile and garments, non-metallic minerals, basic metal industries, transport equipment

Pitcairn Islands

postage stamps, handicrafts, beekeeping, honey


machine building, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, glass, beverages, textiles


textiles, clothing, footwear, wood and cork, paper and pulp, chemicals, fuels and lubricants, automobiles and auto parts, base metals, minerals, porcelain and ceramics, glassware, technology, telecommunications; dairy products, wine, other foodstuffs; ship construction and refurbishment; tourism, plastics, financial services, optics

Puerto Rico

pharmaceuticals, electronics, apparel, food products, tourism


liquefied natural gas, crude oil production and refining, ammonia, fertilizer, petrochemicals, steel reinforcing bars, cement, commercial ship repair


electric machinery and equipment, auto assembly, textiles and footwear, light machinery, metallurgy, chemicals, food processing, petroleum refining, mining, timber, construction materials


complete range of mining and extractive industries producing coal, oil, gas, chemicals, and metals; all forms of machine building from rolling mills to high-performance aircraft and space vehicles; defense industries (including radar, missile production, advanced electronic components), shipbuilding; road and rail transportation equipment; communications equipment; agricultural machinery, tractors, and construction equipment; electric power generating and transmitting equipment; medical and scientific instruments; consumer durables, textiles, foodstuffs, handicrafts


cement, agricultural products, small-scale beverages, soap, furniture, shoes, plastic goods, textiles, cigarettes

Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha

construction, crafts (furniture, lacework, fancy woodwork), fishing, collectible postage stamps

Saint Kitts and Nevis

tourism, cotton, salt, copra, clothing, footwear, beverages

Saint Lucia

tourism; clothing, assembly of electronic components, beverages, corrugated cardboard boxes, lime processing, coconut processing

Saint Martin

tourism, light industry and manufacturing, heavy industry

Saint Pierre and Miquelon

fish processing and supply base for fishing fleets; tourism

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

tourism; food processing, cement, furniture, clothing, starch


food processing, building materials, auto parts

San Marino

tourism, banking, textiles, electronics, ceramics, cement, wine

Sao Tome and Principe

light construction, textiles, soap, beer, fish processing, timber

Saudi Arabia

crude oil production, petroleum refining, basic petrochemicals, ammonia, industrial gases, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), cement, fertilizer, plastics, metals, commercial ship repair, commercial aircraft repair, construction


agricultural and fish processing, phosphate mining, fertilizer production, petroleum refining, zircon, and gold mining, construction materials, ship construction and repair


automobiles, base metals, furniture, food processing, machinery, chemicals, sugar, tires, clothes, pharmaceuticals


fishing, tourism, beverages

Sierra Leone

diamond mining; iron ore, rutile and bauxite mining; small-scale manufacturing (beverages, textiles, footwear)


electronics, chemicals, financial services, oil drilling equipment, petroleum refining, biomedical products, scientific instruments, telecommunication equipment, processed food and beverages, ship repair, offshore platform construction, entrepot trade

Sint Maarten

tourism, light industry


automobiles; metal and metal products; electricity, gas, coke, oil, nuclear fuel; chemicals, synthetic fibers, wood and paper products; machinery; earthenware and ceramics; textiles; electrical and optical apparatus; rubber products; food and beverages; pharmaceutical


ferrous metallurgy and aluminum products, lead and zinc smelting; electronics (including military electronics), trucks, automobiles, electric power equipment, wood products, textiles, chemicals, machine tools

Solomon Islands

fish (tuna), mining, timber


light industries, including sugar refining, textiles, wireless communication

South Africa

mining (world's largest producer of platinum, gold, chromium), automobile assembly, metalworking, machinery, textiles, iron and steel, chemicals, fertilizer, foodstuffs, commercial ship repair


textiles and apparel (including footwear), food and beverages, metals and metal manufactures, chemicals, shipbuilding, automobiles, machine tools, tourism, clay and refractory products, footwear, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment

Sri Lanka

processing of rubber, tea, coconuts, tobacco and other agricultural commodities; tourism; clothing and textiles; mining


oil, cotton ginning, textiles, cement, edible oils, sugar, soap distilling, shoes, petroleum refining, pharmaceuticals, armaments, automobile/light truck assembly, milling


gold mining, oil, lumber, food processing, fishing


iron and steel, precision equipment (bearings, radio and telephone parts, armaments), wood pulp and paper products, processed foods, motor vehicles


machinery, chemicals, watches, textiles, precision instruments, tourism, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals


petroleum, textiles, food processing, beverages, tobacco, phosphate rock mining, cement, oil seeds crushing, automobile assembly


electronics, communications and information technology products, petroleum refining, chemicals, textiles, iron and steel, machinery, cement, food processing, vehicles, consumer products, pharmaceuticals


aluminum, cement, coal, gold, silver, antimony, textile, vegetable oil


agricultural processing (sugar, beer, cigarettes, sisal twine); mining (diamonds, gold, and iron), salt, soda ash; cement, oil refining, shoes, apparel, wood products, fertilizer


tourism, textiles and garments, agricultural processing, beverages, tobacco, cement, light manufacturing such as jewelry and electric appliances, computers and parts, integrated circuits, furniture, plastics, automobiles and automotive parts, agricultural machinery, air conditioning and refrigeration, ceramics, aluminum, chemical, environmental management, glass, granite and marble, leather, machinery and metal work, petrochemical, petroleum refining, pharmaceuticals, printing, pulp and paper, rubber, sugar, rice, fishing, cassava, world's second-largest tungsten producer and third-largest tin producer


printing, soap manufacturing, handicrafts, woven cloth


phosphate mining, agricultural processing, cement, handicrafts, textiles, beverages


small-scale enterprises for copra production, woodworking, plaited craft goods; stamps, coins; fishing


tourism, construction, fishing

Trinidad and Tobago

petroleum and petroleum products, liquefied natural gas, methanol, ammonia, urea, steel products, beverages, food processing, cement, cotton textiles


petroleum, mining (particularly phosphate, iron ore), tourism, textiles, footwear, agribusiness, beverages

Turkey (Turkiye)

textiles, food processing, automobiles, electronics, mining (coal, chromate, copper, boron), steel, petroleum, construction, lumber, paper


natural gas, oil, petroleum products, textiles, food processing

Turks and Caicos Islands

tourism, offshore financial services




sugar processing, brewing, tobacco, cotton textiles; cement, steel production


industrial machinery, ferrous and nonferrous metals, automotive and aircraft components, electronics, chemicals, textiles, mining, construction

United Arab Emirates

petroleum and petrochemicals; fishing, aluminum, cement, fertilizer, commercial ship repair, construction materials, handicrafts, textiles

United Kingdom

machine tools, electric power equipment, automation equipment, railroad equipment, shipbuilding, aircraft, motor vehicles and parts, electronics and communications equipment, metals, chemicals, coal, petroleum, paper and paper products, food processing, textiles, clothing, other consumer goods

United States

highly diversified, world leading, high-technology innovator, second-largest industrial output in the world; petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace, telecommunications, chemicals, electronics, food processing, consumer goods, lumber, mining


food processing, electrical machinery, transportation equipment, petroleum products, textiles, chemicals, beverages


textiles, food processing, machine building, metallurgy, mining, hydrocarbon extraction, chemicals


food and fish freezing, wood processing, meat canning


agricultural products, livestock, raw materials, machinery and equipment, transport equipment, construction materials, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, iron and steel products, crude oil and petroleum products


food processing, garments, shoes, machine-building; mining, coal, steel; cement, chemical fertilizer, glass, tires, oil, mobile phones

Virgin Islands

tourism, watch assembly, rum distilling, construction, pharmaceuticals, electronics

Wallis and Futuna

copra, handicrafts, fishing, lumber

West Bank

small-scale manufacturing, quarrying, textiles, soap, olive-wood carvings, and mother-of-pearl souvenirs


dominated by the onrush of technology, especially in computers, robotics, telecommunications, and medicines and medical equipment; most of these advances take place in OECD nations; only a small portion of non-OECD countries have succeeded in rapidly adjusting to these technological forces; the accelerated development of new technologies is complicating already grim environmental problems


crude oil production and petroleum refining; small-scale production of cotton textiles, leather goods; food processing; handicrafts; aluminum products; cement; commercial ship repair; natural gas production


copper mining and processing, emerald mining, construction, foodstuffs, beverages, chemicals, textiles, fertilizer, horticulture


mining (coal, gold, platinum, copper, nickel, tin, diamonds, clay, numerous metallic and nonmetallic ores), steel; wood products, cement, chemicals, fertilizer, clothing and footwear, foodstuffs, beverages